Martyn Redstone – Owning the Conversation: Chatbots in Recruitment

About Martyn Redstone

With over 20 years of experience across engineering (4 years), recruitment (14 years) and chatbots and conversational AI (4 years), Martyn Redstone thinks of himself as a ‘recruitment engineer’ – able to help solve blockers in the recruitment process using technology. He is fascinated with the world of chatbots and conversational AI and how this is a game-changer for recruiters that implement conversational automation. Through his consultancy, pplbots, he works with agency, in-house and RPO teams to discover conversations that are ripe for automation, measure the value impact and design and execute chatbot strategies. He also gets to play with some very cool tech at the same time!

Keynote Owning the Conversation: Chatbots in Recruitment

For the last four years there has been a lot of hype around chatbots, but not many have dared to press forward with implementing chatbot strategies in their recruitment processes. In my talk, we’ll get back to basics and look at what chatbots are (and are not), why they make a great part of your tech stack and how you can implement them. We’ll take a look at some case studies and squeeze in some cool futuristic prototypes as well.