At Unleash Amsterdam Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Connor Haggerty from VizCareer. VizCareer is a company making the latest technology accessible to recruiters to engage with and identify potential candidates in a forward thinking way.

About VizCareer

Connor Haggerty explains what VizCareer is: “Vizcareer is the latest RecTech offering an unique platform that offers the ability to utilize the power of social media and video to enhance the recruitment process from start to finish. It’s an entirely integratable platform that handles everything from the setup, the assessment, to the candidate coming back in, to the feedback of an entire recruitment process.” Connor Haggerty‘s answer to the question how it works for the recruiter is: “A recruiter would be set up with their own account which gives the recruiter access to their own dashboard on the platform. From there they can track social media channels, set up new vacancies, track their candidates through video walls. They can set up as many positions as they like. It is entirely scalable.” Connor Haggerty continues on the process: “VizCareer is set up in a way that you can use everyday technology and again scalable in every sense. Recruiters can record a video themselves with their laptop, iphone or any smart device with a camera. Or we can bring in a camera crew for a very large scale corporate video. Also recruiters can upload existing corporate video’s if they already have those available. It’s very easy to use and can be done in any way a recruiter sees fit.”

Benefits of VizCareer

“For customers it’s an engagement piece. We always like to say engage and enhance recruit is our ethos”, tells Connor Haggerty. “So the benefit is to get very much enhanced engagement. We like to think that if you are going to ask a candidate to come back into video a client should also do this. Because it gives a candidate a good insight to the job, the company, the culture, the people and that’s how you get a much more motivated candidate. It is almost a meeting before the meet.”

Roadmap 2019

On the question what the roadmap for 2019 looks like, Connor Haggerty tells about the ambitions of Vizcareer: “We are looking for international and European clients to come in, hence we are here at Unleash. We also foresee the Asian market as a real target for us with the use of technology and the way that they look to technology. We would like to get in this industry!”

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