Walter Hueber, CEO at Cammio, tells about the roadmap for 2019 for the Dutch company that focuses on video recruitment.


Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment platform featuring live, automated and video pitch interviews. Cammio helps companies to upgrade their hiring practices while offering a best-in-class candidate and employer branding experience. Cammio is a video recruiting platform which helps candidates add personality to their CV using automated live and video pitch interviews. “A candidate is more than a piece of text”, says Walter Hueber at Unleash Amsterdam in front of the camera of Recruitment Tech TV.


“We believe in being specialists. That means we will stick to video recruiting and we have highspeed development there. Furthermore, we partner with everything we don’t do. So we partner for example with ATS-providers, HR-providers, etcetera.” Want to know more about Cammio‘s plans for 2019? Watch the interview of’s Martijn Hemminga with Walter Hueber from Cammio below.

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