HR tech startup Remote has raised $11 million:

The Brazilian startup Kenoby, that helps organisations to automate multiple tasks related to finding and reviewing candidates, recently closed an investment for 4.4 million euros (US$4.9 million).

Artificial Intelligence

With the recent funds, Kenoby will improve its products through artificial intelligence and increase its current team of 100 people to 300 within the next two years. They also expect to double their sales in 2020. They are looking into adding artificial intelligence to its platform for the initial phase of a candidate’s screening process, interviews and tests are left for later. The Brazilian tech organisation currently has over 450 customers, including McDonalds, C&A and Hyundai.

About Kenoby

Kenoby is a SaaS software that serves the entire recruitment and selection area from end to end, from position request, job posting through integrations and reporting, eliminating the use of excel 100%. Kenoby’s proposal is to offer companies a solution that contributes to hiring the best professionals. This is made possible through a modern and user-friendly platform that includes the entire recruitment process, integrating with various market tools and providing intelligence that suggests the most compatible candidates.

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