At Unleash Amsterdam Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Brad Goldoor from Phenom People.
Phenom People is a recruitment software platform that takes advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the process of connecting job seekers with employers.

About Phenom People

Phenom People took CRM best practices and applied them to talent acquisition and built the world’s first Talent Relationship Marketing platform. TRM is an automated system for managing the talent relationship lifecycle of current and future candidates, driving awareness, interest, engagement and acquisition. The TRM platform of Phenom People aligns the objectives, priorities and actions of candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders.


Brad Goldoor shares the benefits of Phenom People. “The main benefits are of course the three keys: Time, Cost and Quality of hire. We hit all three of those, using our analytics. The platform also works with all the major applicant tracking systems.” More about the benefits, the TRM and the roadmap for 2019, you can see in the interview below.

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