In Bolier Talks Tech recruitment expert and host René Bolier and a guest share insights, tips and tricks on various topics regarding recruitment and tech. The topic of this second episode is how to digitally transform a staffing business.

Guest: Leah McKelvey

The guest of René Bolier is staffing and recruiting expert Leah McKelvey. She is Regional Vice President at Bullhorn, the global leader in software for the recruitment industry. Before joining Bullhorn in 2017, Leah worked for ClearEdge Marketing and

The first guest of René Bolier was marketing tech expert Jeffrey Hamelink, he told us how to build a recruitment marketing tech stack.

Digital transformation

There is a lot of talk about digital transformation in staffing businesses but at the same time many question marks. How does it look like for an organisation? “This industry is not really an early adopter of new technologies. The biggest challenge for most companies is the ‘digitisation piece’.” In the video and the podcast below Leah McKelvey explains what this means and also tells you more about the ‘Automation and AI’ and the ‘Transformation’ steps.

The video of Bolier Talks Tech:

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