In Bolier Talks Tech recruitment expert and host René Bolier and a guest share insights, tips and tricks on various topics regarding recruitment and tech. The topic of this first episode is how to build a recruitment marketing technology stack.

Guest: Jeffrey Hamelink

The first guest of René Bolier is marketing tech expert Jeffrey Hamelink. He is Co-Founder of international growth and automation agency Direct Impact, and gained 15 years of experience in working for companies like Coolblue,, Samsung, Maandag, Techsharks, Career Control, Velox, Van Nes & Plaisier.

Recruitment marketing tech stack

René Bolier and Jeffrey Hamelink will tell you in the video and podcast below how to build a recruitment marketing technology stack. What is its goal, what does it consist of and what are the most important things to keep in mind when building a recruitment marketing tech stack? These questions and concrete examples of stacks will be discussed. “A stack is another word for toolbox consisting of different tools for different tasks. Just imagine you’re laying down a floor, building an IKEA closet or working on your car. You need different tools, but you keep them all in a toolbox”, Jeffrey explains.

Taking advantage of your database

The goal of a recruitment marketing tech stack is to increase the candidate conversion rate, says Jeffrey. “You are not focussing on new leads, you are taking advantage of what you already have in your database. It’s not about collecting data or just setting up flows, it’s about integrating your tools and enriching the right data so you get actionable insights with business focus.” In the video and the podcast below, René and Jeffrey go deeper into the matter and discuss concrete examples of a recruitment marketing tech stack.

The video of Bolier Talks Tech:

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