In Bolier Talks Tech recruitment expert and host René Bolier and a guest share insights, tips and tricks on various topics regarding recruitment and tech. The topic of this third episode is should we aim for 100% unemployment.

Guest: Han Mesters

The guest of René Bolier is staffing and business expert Hans Mesters. He is Sector Banker Business services at ABN AMRO who helps many executives in the staffing industry navigate the changing labor market and technological landscape.

The previous guest of René Bolier was staffing and recruiting expert Leah McKelvey, she told u how to digitally transform a staffing business.

Job Automation

There are many studies about the future of jobs and automation, but there is not one clear answer. How do we make sense off all the information? In this video and podcast Han and René talk about the changing labor market from different perspectives such as; technology, skills, economy and education.

Han: “It’s a big challenge. A good thing to remember is Amara’s law. In the short run we tend to overestimate the effects of technology but in the long run we tend to underestimate the possible effects.”

The video of Bolier Talks Tech:

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