Many people talk about artificial intelligence in recruitment, but we aren’t yet that far, says Talent Acquisition Live 2018-speaker Bill Boorman. But he does see a chance that AI will improve recruitment, if we work with good data.

Anarchy of algorithms

On September 20 TRU founder Bill Boorman comes to Amsterdam to speak on Talent Acquisition Live. Among other things, he will discuss what he calls the ‘algorithm anarchy’: the proliferation of algorithms in recruitment. “Especially sellers and visionaries have their mouth full of AI. But my definition of AI is about independent thinking and independently deciding machines. And I have not seen any of that in either recruitment or HR”, he says in the video below.

Clean data

Yet there is a lot of potential in AI in recruitment, he believes. “If we learn to work with clean, reliable data, without historical bias, and if we give the machines time to do the right thing.” Because if we don’t, “we only automate processes that work against people, instead of people”, he says.

Talent Acquisition Live 2018

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