Better candidate experience with SmashFly's ATS Apply Overlay

Enterprise career site and recruitment CRM vendor SmashFly Technologies launches its apply overlay solution for better intuitive, employer brand-driven candidate experience, and more efficiency in the application process.

Drop out of candidates

Most organizations’ recruitment marketing efforts and spend drive to the application; according to SmashFly system data, at least 90% of candidates will drop out of the apply process when prompted to register with the applicant tracking system (ATS). The current standard of inconvenient and complicated application processes equals a huge loss of investment and potential hires.

Skip registrations

SmashFly Apply Overlay reduces the barriers of the standard ATS process, and increases apply conversion by rebranding the experience to match the career site; eliminating registration steps, and using data collected during apply to automatically create a talent network profile.


“The handoff from the career site to the job application is typically a jarring experience for candidates who are suddenly redirected to an unfamiliar and antiquated process,” said SmashFly CEO, Thom Kenney. “By eliminating steps in profile creation and maintaining a modern look and feel throughout, we’re removing friction and modernizing a process that’s historically led to significant applicant drop-off — particularly for top talent that has a low tolerance for a difficult, disjointed experience.”


SmashFly Apply Overlay acts as a bridge between its career site and the ATS, simply reworking how the application looks and operates, without any changes or updates to the ATS. The solution does not require an API integration, and SmashFly never holds any of the data, making it fully compliant and secure.

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