myInterview is an online video tool that enables candidates to introduce themselves to employers at the beginning of the recruitment process. Recruitment Tech TV spoke with myInterview’s Co-Founder Benjamin Gillman at RecFest 2019 in London.

Speech enabled

myInterview has a few key features in which they stand out from the competition,” states Gillman. “Firstly the refined integration possibilities where a company can place myInterview on their own URL which is interesting from a branding point of view. The recruiter can choose to start an account on or integrate the process on their own URL and create a candidate experience based on their own branding. Secondly, myInterview has the feature that enables the recruiter to analyse in speech. For instance the use of subtitles which comes in handy when an applicant is in a busy environment.” myInterview also picks up keywords that the applicant uses that other applicants have also spoken about, like a company name or prior experience. The system highlights these keywords so that you can click on them and it will surface other candidates hat have also spoken on these topics.

Refining integrations

“Integration is a really big part of the myInterview products and the focus for the near future is to continue refining these integrations for ATS-es and CRM’s. Also, the candidate experience will be updated and improved. We take a lot of data from the interviews with which we are able to see the different friction points. We use this information to continue to improve the process. We are always refining the process to ensure the largest candidate uptakes.”

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