Belgian startup TechWolf raises 1 million euros to grow their AI technology

The Belgian startup TechWolf has just completed a capital round of 1 million euros. The company develops software that uses AI technology to map out which competencies a company lacks in order to become future-proof.

About TechWolf

TechWolf was founded in 2018 by students Andreas De Neve, Jeroen Van Hautte and Mikaël Wornoo and is based in Ghent (BE) & Cambridge (UK). The software and algorithms developed by Techwolf integrate all data about employees in one place. Enterprises can see at a glance which skills are present, in which departments the skills are available and how they have evolved over the years. TechWolf gathers insights at the company level, but also at the level of each individual employee. As a result, the employee can receive recommendations for training or suggestions for certain projects that fit his profile.


In order to support the growth of the startup, several investors together put 1 million euros on the table. These include the Flemish investment company PMV and the HR entrepreneur Conny Vandendriessche (House of HR). And part of the money comes some of the first investors in Showpad.

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