Becca Guinchard (AssessFirst):

Automation, not to get rid of jobs, but to be more efficient. That’s what recruitment will look like in 2030, according to Becca Guinchard, International Account Manager at AssessFirst.

Natural talents

“We don’t necessarily say that CVs are useless, but we provide another element of information on top of the CV and seeing someone in an interview, that will make sure that you are assessing candidates overall. With that, we are looking at how to bring their natural talents into the workplace.” In the video below, Becca tells at RecFest 2019 about the world of recruitment in 2030, CVs, AssessFirst and more.

About AssessFirst

AssessFirst has developed a predictive recruitment solution allowing companies to predict how well candidates and employees will succeed and thrive in their job. The AssessFirst solution analyses data on over a million profiles, whether candidates, employees or recruitment professionals. Over 3500 companies use the AssessFirst solution.

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