Beamery and Hiretual boost engament and talent search with partnership

Leading Talent Operating System Beamery and Hiretual announced a new integration between the two platforms which enables users to boost their hiring efforts.

Single platform

The partnership combines AI and data enrichment – the best of both organisations – to power a better recruitment experience. Enterprise customers can now take advantage of a single unified platform, driven by Hiretual’s AI sourcing capabilities and Beamery’s CRM and recruitment marketing automation modules.


“Hiretual and Beamery have both been transformative additions to our Talent Acquisition strategy. The partnership between these two powerful hiring platforms is a game-changer and will give Continental a competitive advantage in finding and attracting the most talented individuals in our industry,” said Craig Pyke, Talent Acquisition Manager from Continental Automotive.

More intelligent and efficient

Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President of Beamery: “Large enterprises today need every source of data available to them to make better hiring decisions. With the partnership and deepest available integration with Hiretual, we’re helping them go a step further to achieving this. And by combining the power of our Talent Operating System with their AI sourcing capabilities, it not only benefits candidates, but also helps recruiting teams be even more intelligent and efficient — at scale.” Steven Jiang, CEO of Hiretual, adds: “This partnership will continue to transform the talent acquisition world. With AI, our state-of-the-art technology brings the best candidate experience.”

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