Attention ATS vendors: Google Hire is out of beta

Google officially launched Hire by Google. It is now possible for anyone to discover candidates as it is not a beta version anymore.

No more beta

Hire by Google was launched as a beta in mid-2017 as part of Google’s enterprise-focused G Suite platform. Candidate discovery, which rolled out to select customers in beta earlier in 2018, became generally available to all G Suite customers who pay for Hire. As Google itself says in the video below: Hire smarter.

Smart keyword highlighting

According to Venturebeat, Google also added a new capability which allows customers to screen resumes with smart keyword highlighting based on their search criteria, and to re-engage qualified candidates in bulk. The organisation has made this on the basis of feedback from beta users.


On the website of Google Hire you can find some reviews, like the video below of Shaunagh Tomlin, VP of Operations for ReviewTrackers. The tech company used Hire by Google and values the Gmail integration and ease-of-use in comparison to their prior ATS.

Rediscover candidates

The ease-of-use is also something Google claims on their own Hire-site. According to the organisation, it’s easy to search your candidate database to rediscover high potential candidates. “Resurface those that received high interview scores but weren’t hired, or received an offer but declined. These candidates—and others in your database—can be a great match for new positions”, says Google.

Search smart

Based on the reviews and the website of Google Hire, we can conclude that the search function of Hire is well developed. Google: “Hire’s search understands what you mean when you say ‘front end engineer’. It knows you want a professional with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. No need to use Boolean with a dozen ‘OR’ options.” Best-fit candidates appear at the top of search results based on experience with the most important skills for each role.

Sources: Venturebeat, ERE, Hire by Google

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