At Unleash Amsterdam Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Adam Bird from Cronofy. Cronofy is a company delivering tools and services that allow businesses, groups, and people to effectively organize their time.

About Cronofy

The mission of Cronofy is: Managing time should take minimal effort and consider a person’s whole life with complete respect for their privacy. Adam Bird explains how it works: “Software vendors use Cronofy to build into the solution provided to the recruiter. It’s embedded within their application, so they don’t have to go to Outlook for example, they stay in their application. The recruiter would use an ATS and the ATS uses Cronofy to allow you to access the availability of the hiring manager.”

For recruiters

Adam Bird continues on the product from a recruiter perspective. “We solve everything in the journey with the candidate, even to the point that you can send a link to the candidate and they can book themselves in for the interview.”


The benefits? “Saving a massive amount of time is the major benefit”, according to Adam Bird. “Time is important. We can help reduce 95% of the time to book an interview, which means that you as a recruiter can focus on higher-value tasks. It’s our job to worry about the calendars.”


Adam Bird continues: “It’s is a candidate experience as well. By serving the candidate with a self-serve booking link, they can choose a time that fits with their schedule. This allows you to get through the process as quickly as possible which is the single biggest driver of successful recruitment.”



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